Our Story

When was the last time you and your family enjoyed a beverage that really tasted great and was actually good for you too?

Sounds like a smart idea, doesn’t it?

About Us

Our organic juice begins on USDA NOP certified pesticide-free farms. We select only premium sun-ripened fruit, chock-full of antioxidants and vitamins. Our handpicked fruit is prepared to maximize all the goodness from the fruit including its delicious handcrafted taste.

Smart Juice is 100% juice. We never add any additives, preservatives or artificial anything – ever! The only sugar in our juice is the natural occurring sweetness from the fruit itself and we never add any filler juices to lower the quality of our products. Our quality assurance program ensures that our juice is carefully controlled from the tree to the bottle and all of our products are certified kosher (except for products with grape).


Our Juice

Smart Juice comes in over fourteen refreshing fruit flavors. Each flavor has been carefully selected to offer you and your family the best that nature has to offer in both wellness and taste. Smart Juice is a wonderful anytime beverage. Our juice is the perfect complement to you and your family’s ongoing wellness regiment.

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