About Us

About Us

It Starts with Communication
SMART JUICE originated with a deep love of the earth and respect for humanity. We wanted to provide pure, flavorful juices that were not only good for the consumer, but for the earth, too. We take great pride in how we care for our soil and how we care for our 1,000,000 trees. We understand that our products need to be of consistent quality so consumers have the same great taste experience each time they try our juice. We understand that nature doesn’t follow our rules, and so we work with nature and its language. Through understanding the seasons and their effects on our ingredients, we are proud to say that we can bring you the very best of nature on a consistent basis at all times.

The Process
Going organic was a no-brainer. Organic farms mean no chemicals that harm the earth or people. Our fruits grow in the highest quality soil. We work with the earth to bring you the very best, as opposed to forcing a product out of dry soil. In order to use the best fruits and vegetables we needed to understand how seasons worked. For example, the first pomegranate crop is usually bitter, while the last crop is usually juicier and sweeter. Through carefully executed trials we’ve found a great blend of organic pomegranates. We’ve applied this same process to our Antioxidant Force juice for an excellent combination of fruits and vegetables.

Not using filler juices was also critical to our providing only the best quality juices. For top quality juice we believe we need to have top quality honesty with our juice lovers. Many juice companies boast about organic and natural 100% juices, but fail to mention that most of their “pomegranate” juice is actually apple juice, with just a small amount of pomegranate juice included. With SMART JUICE, what you see is what you get. No filler juices. No harmful chemicals. No additives. No preservatives. Just pure 100% organic juice.

Our Motto
There is a Turkish proverb which translates to, “You are what you eat.” Another proverb is, “You reap what you sow.” We apply these sayings in our daily practices and our work. We truly believe that if we work with the earth and understand its language that it will communicate with us, and so we listen. We think of the future generations: our children, our grandchildren, our friends’ children, and their children. How can we treat the earth in harmful ways and expect it to work with our future- the future of humankind, of animals and plants, of the planet?

Through a holistic approach we’ve found that we can bring you the best of nature. We hope you’ll thank the earth with each glass of SMART JUICE.

Vision Statement:

We strive to work with the earth to bring you the very best.

Mission Statement:

  • To always be honest with our juice lovers.
  • To always respect the earth and work with it.
  • To continue making SMART JUICE the best juice with the best value.
  • To maintain integrity in our work and our juices.