Do you LOVE Smart Juice? Let us know!

I’ve discovered your Pomegranate juice to be THE VERY BEST out there. Am so grateful you are making such a find product.


The absolute best juice I have ever had!


I purchased Antioxidant Force with my sister. I fell in love! It is the purest and refreshing juice out there. I drink it alone or I use it with smoothies…. It naturally sweetens the green smoothies.. PERFECT!

Pom Lin

I just bought the Antioxidant Force, I was a bit uneasy about it because I figured it would have a sour or somewhat bad taste to it, but I gave it a try. I had one sip and I am in love!!! Naturally sweet!! Great way to get healthy again.


Thank you for making Pomegranate Tart Cherry Juice!!! I have been trying to make that blend myself and you got it just right!! I was about to by my juices at Wegmans when I saw your juice and knew I had to try it! It is perfect!


OBSESSED with your wonderful pom juice & hoping my grocery carries it combined with the purple carrot to try.  I have mast cell activation disorder preventing me from consuming most things due to allergic reactions . . but out of desperation I tried your product with success.  I try to have a glass of juice every other day but hope to eventually be able to have more.  Thanks for providing a product free of everything but the real thing!  LOVE


I am thrilled with your juices! My local health food store (Rollin’ Oats, in St. Petersburg, FL) recently starting carrying your line, as they expanded the size of their store and now have more items. I LOVE that your juices are pure–no added sugars or other stuff, just 100% organic juice. I also love the unique varieties you have, such as mulberry! I am a big fan of the Antioxidant Five combo and, basically, again, I’m just thrilled to find pure, organic, non-junk-laden juices. Most of the other brands in the health food store contain ingredients I don’t want, which you see when you read the small print ingredients list, believe it or not. I appreciate your high quality and purity.

Edna W. 

A new grocery store in my community (The Food Bazaar) was surprisingly filled with organic produce, and that is when I stumbled onto this remarkable drink. Even after reading about it, in disbelief, I purchased only one bottle. Two days later, I returned, and bought four bottles. Tomorrow, I will visit my favorite new market once more, and this time, I will bring a case of SMART JUICE home. While everyone else is pigging out for the Holiday, I plan to “smoothie” my way into the New Year. Thank you SMART JUICE!


I’ve recently become educated on GMO’s and have started to buy only organic and Non-GMO products. I recently found Smart Juice at my local grocery store and I wanted to thank you for making organic products! I’ve noticed more products available in our grocery store compared to a few months ago and it’s great to see more companies who are producing products that are truly healthy!


I must say being a distributor for a popular but very expensive juice product, Nutritional Consultant, Wellness Coach, I am so impressed with the Smart Juice blends and the fact they are so pure with NO PRESERVATIVES and ORGANIC. Everyone needs to know about these great products with their nutritional benefits and superior taste. Thank you so much!!!


I just wanted to mention that Smart Juices are Great!!!!!!!!!! I really like these juices and I wish you could find them in more super markets. They are Healthy and Great juices.

A Fan to Smart Juices

Another juice company claims to be made from “the best stuff on earth.” That may be, but SMART JUICE tastes the best and it’s GOOD for you!


A friend of mine just bought me your fig juice…I’m hooked! It tastes fantastic…..can’t wait to try a few others……thanks for making a healthy drink!


Tried the Fig Juice for the first time last night. It is wonderful! It tastes better than figs! 🙂


I will be passing on a recommendation to hundreds of friends and family around the country this week about your product. Having good people in the company and an amazing product are two very important things, and you have both. The tart cherry was definitely my favorite, and I look forward to ordering many cases in the future!


Your products are by far the “BEST” in its category. As a Holistic Health Coach and Drugless Practitioner, I thank you for creating them. I also have a wholesale distribution company and would like to carry your product. Your company is truly a step above all others.


Your Tart Cherry juice is superb!


First time tried your Juice Antioxidant Force and it took only a sip to become my favor juice of all!

  • Best and purest taste
  • Love it is Organic!
  • I love it is not from concentrate!!
  • It is in a glass container – NOT plastic!!!
  • Love it is a natural ( not a pill) source of Iron and other vitamins and minerals

What else can you ask from a Juice?!!
Love it!!!!!! 🙂


You cherry juice is the best I have ever tasted. You have a winner, I am going to clean out our store this week. Can’t wait to try the rest in the hope they will be as good. Well done!